Q:  What type of material is the Leash Cartridge made of?

  A:  The external housing is constructed of polished 316 molded Stainless Steel (S/S). The Leash Reel is made of POM (Polyoxymethylene) (Delrin, Dupont Brand of Polyoxymethylene). The internal retraction spring is made of 304 Mylar Coated Stainless Steel

Q:  What is the Gunnel Receiver made of?

  A:  Polished 316 Stainless Steel

Q:  What is the Webbing made of?

  A:  3/4” Nylon Web Strap (740lbs Rated) with reinforced stitching to secure both ends.

Q:  What is the length of the Leash?

  A:  The Leash is 9ft in length

Q:  What kind of warranty is associated with this product?

  A:  We warrant each of our leashes against failure and normal wear and tear for 12 months from the date of purchase.  Should one of our leashes fail within the warranty period, we will provide you with return postage to send your cartridge to us for repair or replacement.  After the 1-year warranty period we offer repair service at a reasonable cost.

Q:  Is the Leash serviceable?

  A:  The Leash Cartridge external housing was engineered with slots to accommodate fresh water rinsing. The Leash Cartridge external housing also has one (1) lubrication port which allows for periodic lubrication of the spring with a corrosion preventive.  Because our springs are loaded, we ask that customers not open the cartridge or attempt to repair the leash themselves.  Instead, contact us and we will guide you through the return and repair process and get you back to using your leash as soon as possible.

Q:  Does BGL have a cam lock like a dog leash?

  A:  No. The BGL is safest and most effective when it is always as short (and out of the way) as possible. Each leash has approx. 2 lbs of tension. Just enough to take up the slack but not hinder angler movement.

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