The Story

Big Game anglers know the importance of reel leashes.  Currently, fishermen use leashes made of heavy lines, webbing or pigtails.  The typical setup is either to run the leash to a nearby cleat or connect them to the pedestal of the fighting chair.  Either way, the length of the leash must be enough to reach from the chair to the rod holder with lots of slack for moving about. With 6 or more rods in the trolling spread, that’s a lot of rope and webbing in the cockpit. When a trophy billfish enters the spread, things happen very fast and often violently.  Upon hookup, multiple anglers rush to clear lines and move rods out of the way.  Slack leashes create tripping hazards and must also be cleared before the captain backs down often filling the cockpit with water. We designed the Big Game Leash with three things in mind:

  • Keep every rod securely tethered at all times
  • Eliminate the excess cockpit clutter while actively trolling
  • Speed the process of clearing the cockpit for active fighting.

Our new Big Game Leash is the first Retractable reel leash for anglers.  Each Big Game Leash holds 9 feet of ¾ inch webbing contained inside a spring-loaded stainless-steel cartridge which can be mounted anywhere, typically under the gunnel.  The flush-mounted stainless-steel receiver allows the leash to pass conveniently through the gunnel at or near the rod holder for an easy reel connection.  A SS carabiner provides a secure point of connection and retracts into the receiver when not in use. Each Big Game Leash is made of 3/4” Nylon Web Strap rated at 740lbs with reinforced stitching to secure both ends. We have made the Big Game Leash out of marine grade Stainless Steel to withstand harsh salt environments.  The leash cartridge itself is equipped with slots to accommodate fresh-water rinsing and an access hole for periodic lubrication. Each Big Game Leash is backed by a 1-year repair or replacement guarantee against failure.


The most common location for mounting the Big Game Leash is under the gunnel at or near the rod holder.  A simple 1/4” diameter bolt holds the Big Game Leash to the gunnel itself or to an under-gunnel stringer.  We offer several mounting brackets options as well. Big Game Leash cartridges can be stacked, up to two high, on a single mounting bolt in order to reduce the number of mounting points.


Big Game Leash orders can be placed here on our website We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. Applicable taxes and shipping charges will be added at the time you place your order.  Unlike some online businesses, we do not profit from shipping and handling.  We simply pass on the cost we incur to get our leashes to you.

Environmental Responsibility

All of us at Big Game Leash care for our planet and specifically our oceans and waterways.  We have committed to using only recycled/recyclable products in our packaging.  No bubble wrap or foam.  Please help us pay this responsibility forward by reusing or recycling all packaging material. Thank you.


We have designed and built the Big Game Leash to withstand typical harsh marine conditions.  We use marine grade stainless steel and Delrin for the main structural elements.  Our webbing is UV resistant and all supplied mounting hardware is 316 Stainless Steel.  We warrant each of our leashes against failure and normal wear and tear for 12 months from the date of purchase.

We ask that you care for your Big Game Leashes by rinsing with fresh water after each trip and periodically oiling each cartridge and carabiner (see instructions).

Should one of our leashes fail within the warranty period, we will provide you with return postage to send your cartridge to us for repair or replacement.  After the 1-year warranty period we offer repair service at a reasonable cost.  Because our springs are loaded, we ask that customers not open the cartridge or attempt to repair the leash themselves.  Instead, contact us and we will guide you through the return and repair process and get you back to using your leash as soon as possible.